Some people say that the first love is a glass of orange juice, and there is a little bit of sweetness in the fresh.

The Cookeryaki juice vending machine now squeezes orange juice, and the delicious orange juice is tens of millions, but have you ever drunk the orange juice squeezed out by the sun-sucking "sunshine fruit"? It stores a full vc and sweet, the fragrant orange juice has not yet entered the mouth, it can not help but want to taste, want to taste immediately, gently drink a bite, sweet water moisturizes when occupying the taste buds, Every bite is a taste of happiness, all of which stems from it, the South African orange from the "Rainbow Country".

South African orange is tender and juicy, and the juice is bursting out. People need to replenish water in summer. If you don't like white water, don't drink it. A cup of freshly squeezed orange juice gives you a healthy taste.


South African Orange

South Africa's orange is derived from South Africa, which has the reputation of “the country of the rainbow”. It has been harvested since the end of April and its taste is sweet. South Africa has long sunshine hours, fertile soil, many minerals, and no pollution. It is uniquely positioned to make the grown oranges more natural, original and unique. The South African orange with noble blood is often compared to "a cute girl in oranges."


South African Orange


South African Orange Features

Round and full of juice

Each South African orange contains rich juice, more than 180 days of temperature difference between day and night, making it fine and sweet. The result of the entrance is meaty slag, fresh and sweet taste, and distinctive temperament.

The meat is soft and juicy, and the lips and teeth are fragrant.

The spherical fruit is solid, thin and fleshy. The soft fruit is accompanied by a sweet juice and slowly enters the mouth.

Fragrant scent, fruity and fragrant

South Africa's orange color is golden and bright, pleasant and pleasant, slowly cut, and the rich aroma fills the room.


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