Cookeryaki Fresh-pressed Orange Juice Vending Machine Advantage Analysis


comparison item Cookeryaki fresh orange juice (commercial) vending machine Products from other manufacturers in the same industry
whole juicing process The juicing process is completely transparent. It can not only see the juicing fruits fall into the juicer one by one, but also the whole process of orange juice production, such as fruit drop, pressing, cupping and sealing. It can greatly satisfy the curiosity and curiosity of users, and has a great attraction for children. The squeezing process is invisible, especially the squeezing process.
core juice extractor juice is beautiful, very expressible; 100% original juice squeezing, the juice is beautiful without splashing; the machine will not destroy the peel, and the pressed orange juice will not touch the orange peel, effectively ensuring that orange juice will not be contaminated by orange peel, and the juice pressed without orange peel oil, no bitter taste of orange peel, pure taste, no foam. 。 The main reasons why the pressing parts can not be seen are as follows: 1) The pressing method is not elegant: orange juice splashes all around, causing the pressing parts to be covered with orange juice and pulp debris, which is very elegant. 2) Pressed orange juice and peel Exposure not only affects the taste of orange juice, but also seriously pollutes orange juice and affects the safety of orange juice if the orange peel is not cleaned (there will be pesticide residues).
Difficulty of daily operation Daily operation, need to be replaced: juice pressing/filtering/drainage components are very light (the total weight of each set of daily replacement parts does not exceed 2 kg), replacement and cleaning are very easy, can save a lot of operating time, and easy to clean and disinfect, no hygienic dead corner. The daily operation and replacement parts of the same kind of fresh orange juice vending machines at home and abroad are cumbersome, usually weighing more than ten kilograms, which takes a long time to disassemble and assemble, especially for the inconvenience of cleaning, and can easily lead to hygienic dead corners.
measurement mode Support "Weighting" and "Counting" modes. No matter how big the difference of orange size or whether the orange is rich in water or dry, the capacity of juice can be ensured when the "weighing mode" is used. Moreover, the electronic scale is used to measure the volume of juice, and the measuring components need not contact with the juice, so as to ensure that the juice is clean and pollution-free. Foreign similar products usually only support "counting" measurement method, so when orange size difference is significant or fresh degree is different (i.e. orange moisture content difference is large), it will cause sharp fluctuation of juice capacity, triggering user complaints. Domestic competitors often use the method of measuring juice level height. This method requires measuring parts to be inserted into the juice, which will cause bacterial contamination of the juice, especially when the measuring parts can not be replaced every day in time.
adaptability of to orange size It is suitable for oranges of various sizes with a diameter of 50 mm to 90 mm, and the juice yield is stable. No matter the size of oranges, it can be mixed with juice. Most other domestic manufacturers can only use oranges with diameters of 60 mm to 80 mm. Foreign manufacturers have stricter requirements for orange size, otherwise the stability of the machine will be seriously affected.
filter component Supports different filter components of "Peel Orange" (juice contains pulp) and "Non-Peel Orange". Fruit Juice Varieties Unregulated
cup sealing parts PE film paper cup sealing method was adopted. The sealing is firm and not afraid of overturning. Consumables are very cheap, which is about 0.3 yuan cheaper per cup than that of domestic competitors. In China, it is impossible to avoid the leakage of juice when overturning, and the cost of exclusive cover is higher. Most of the foreign countries do not seal the cup, the juice is easy to overturn.
drop cup parts With the patented "non-sticking cup" technology, drop cup failures rarely occur.  
payment method It is the only comprehensive support at home and abroad: paper money receipt, paper money change, coin change, free pricing products; support Alipay and Wechat Sweep Payment; support VIP code; automatic refund of equipment failure (including cash/Alipay/Wechat refund). Other domestic manufacturers can only receive 10 yuan notes, and they do not have the function of finding change. They also do not have the function of receiving and finding change. As a result, the equipment can only be priced at 10 yuan per cup. The equipment collection system of foreign manufacturer is usually higher than that of foreign manufacturer. Backward, usually unable to support Alipay and Wechat; and failures, can not give users on-site refunds, resulting in poor user complaints.
remote management App management system supporting Iphone and Ipad platform can monitor equipment status and sales data in real time and alarm in real time. Support PC management system, can download vending machine working log files and sales reports. Foreign manufacturers usually do not have remote management systems for their equipment.
reliability of the whole machine Leading technology in the whole industry, high reliability.  


Fresh Pressed Orange Juice Vending Machine


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