In recent years, the vending machine industry has been in full swing. It is spread over large and small shopping malls, airports, stations, playgrounds, schools, etc. Many prophets have sniffed the business opportunities and decisively invested in the vending industry. Therefore, the common beverage and snack-type vending machine market is difficult to find, and the Cookeryaki fresh-squeezing juice vending machine has just entered the market and caused a good response.

Cookeryaki juice automatic vending machine uses real-time monitoring and management of mobile phone remote intelligent management system. The machine is completely unmanned, and the process of automatic cutting, juice, cupping, capping and cupping is carried out after the payment of the code.

The inner wall of the machine is made of antibacterial inner tank and ozone is sterilized. The internal temperature of the machine is kept at 4 °C to ensure the long-lasting preservation of the orange.

Compared with opening a juice shop, operating costs are greatly reduced, and investment costs and investment risks are also reduced. We can monitor the sales of fresh juice vending machine orange juice at home in real time. If you are prompted to lack orange, you should add oranges in time. If the machine fails, you can see which part is faulty at home and you can deal with it in time.

We must pay great attention to hygiene, because this is a food category, so in order to allow customers to buy with confidence, operators must do daily cleaning, indicating daily cleaning in the machine's prominent position.

The humanization of the automatic juice vending machine is also reflected in many details, the automatic sensing anti-pinch of the cup mouth, the three-level orange to solve the orange failure, the mobile phone charging on the side of the machine, etc. Many details are improved after many times, three generations There is almost no failure rate at present, which is unmatched by other automatic juice vending machine brands.


Juice vending machine


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