Will automatic juice vending machines have good income when they enter the fitness center? The following Cookeryaki takes everyone to analyze.

With the improvement of living standards, exercise fitness has become a common occurrence in people's daily lives. More and more white-collar workers choose to go to the gym to exercise. The gym has a full range of equipment, a full range of fitness and entertainment programs, a professional coach to guide, and a good fitness atmosphere.


The marketing department surveyed the characteristics of the consumer groups in the first- and second-tier market gymnasiums as follows:

1. With high academic qualifications

Fitness members are mainly intellectual groups. From the perspective of academic structure, more than 80% of the members have college education or above. Among them, members with college and undergraduate degrees accounted for 31% and 41.5% of the total, respectively, which is the most important customer group of fitness consumption at this stage, which together account for 72.5%.

2. Professional level

From the perspective of the professional status of members, middle managers and ordinary employees are the main strengths of current fitness consumption, accounting for 24.3% and 29.5% respectively. The remaining 9.5% are private owners and 6.2% are civil servants of state agencies.

3. Income level

The current fitness consumption has entered the era of typical “middle-class consumption”. According to the survey data for three consecutive years, the average income of fitness members is in the range of 9-12 million, which is a typical high-income and high-consumer group. Brand building needs to be closely linked to the characteristics of middle-class families.


Combined with the above data analysis to match the automatic juice vending machine consumer groups, the gym as a delivery scenario operation plan is completely feasible, automatic orange juice vending machines enter the fitness site to seize the consumption high ground!


Shopping Mall 3 Automatic Juice Vending Machine


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