With the rise of unmanned smart technology, the fast and convenient self-service sales in recent years has become a habit of many people. During this period, the development of juice vending machine can be said to be positive, which makes its number also appear fast. But with the production of a large number of juice vending machine, many problems have come. How can we improve the profit ratio of juice vending machines? What are the main problems facing operators? Provide a few suggestions: cost control, channel innovation and site selection.


First, control of operating costs

For example, if someone buys a freshly squeezed juice self-service vending machine, then the backstage and sales records of the self-service vending machine should be monitored in real time, which are divided into the following four parts:

1) Timely replenishment of fruits;

2) The placement of the items and the inspection of the machine itself;

3) Properly do some offline promotions;

4) Capital replenishment and recycling should be timely.


Second, the innovation of goods channels

We should pay attention to the sales record of the machine every day. If the sales of freshly squeezed juice are not ideal, we must remember "innovation." The innovation here means being good at adapting, because the sales are not good, except that the product itself is not popular with the crowd, and it may be the fruit itself, such as the taste, even the packaging of the juice cup is not good, the price is slightly expensive and so on.


Third, the location of self-service vending machines

This is a problem that has to be mentioned since the self-service vending machine entered the market. Indeed, the location of self-service vending machines largely determines the quality of their own sales.

Because our industry belongs to a single industry, it is a business. Combine the characteristics of your city, carefully analyze the market situation, the main route of the activity and the necessary roads, or crossroads, university towns, etc., focus on the site selection, the storefront should try not to have catering and other industries, so as not to affect Customers shopping, choose a quiet place, live street or second street, not only let more people find it faster, but more importantly, give consumers a shopping privacy.


Fourth, the type of product

Sometimes, it doesn't matter that the more types of juice you sell, the better. To see the stickiness of the consumer groups, it is necessary to understand their needs, because the user is the protagonist. Even if you only sell one kind of juice, as long as its sales are good, then you are still a successful operator. In summary, to operate self-service vending machines, we must have a positive economic mind, action, adapt to market demand, and integrate, so that we can rely on the operation of self-service vending machines to achieve our dreams.


juice vending machines


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