Item Model COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-Ⅳ Pro Orange Juice Vending Machine
The characteristics of the model 1) The newest COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-4 pro Automatic Juice Vending Machine model is the crystallization of COOKERYAKI company's 7 years of technical accumulation, representing the highest level of technology in the industry, and the equipment is particularly stable and reliable. 
2) It integrates a “smart cleaning” system (only for Cover-lid type). All the juice parts are automatically cleaned to under program control. This reduces the frequency of replacing the juicer parts, greatly reducing the daily maintenance workload, improving operation efficiency.   
3) The garbage system is completely closed. Open the door of the cabinet and do not see any garbage. It is clean and tidy and meets the relevant regulations of the US NSF on food and beverage vending machines.   
4) The average time of the 3 cups of juice produced by the COOKERYAKI shoppingmall-4 pro model is only 100~120s, which meets the requirements for rapid production.   
Dimension(m) 1.27(width)*0.84(depth)*2.01(height)
Weight(KG) 350
Screen 15.6 OR 21 inches
Variety of fruits Oranges, pears and citrus
Squeezing part Beautiful appearance, you can see fruit drop and juice process, high performance. High juicing rate
Loading Device 60KG (60cups,320ml juice/cup)
Falling Cup Device 90mm paper cups automatic drop
Filter Device Can be: fruit orange (including flesh) and pure orange juice (excluding flesh)
Weight Device Liquid level mode (to ensure that the capacity of each cup of juice constant) and "count" mode(Squeeze )
Packaging Device 1) Model RC:15.6 inch Square Touch Screen, Cover-lid type;
2) Model CC: 21 inch Round Touch Screen, Cover-lid type;  
Straw Box Device The program controls the Straw Box
Payment Mode Standard banknote cash receiver and coin Hooper, support Alipay, WeChat payment; optional: banknote changer, coin receiver. 
Support most European and North American national credit cards and some Asian, Australian and African credit card payments.   
Computer  IPC
router Industrial 4G wireless router
Air-conditioner High-performance air-conditioning refrigeration system, adjustable temperature
Device Management iPhone/Android APP 
Power supply AC220V/AC110V
Power consumption Average power consumption 300W / peak power consumption 1500W


COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-Ⅳ Pro-RC Automatic Juice Vending Machine photos are as follows:

 COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-Ⅳ Pro-RC Automatic Juice Vending Machine


COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-Ⅳ Pro-CC Automatic Juice Vending Machine photos are as follows:


COOKERYAKI Shopping Mall-Ⅳ Pro-CC Automatic Juice Vending Machine


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