A juice vending machine with freshly squeezed healthy juice and smart sale, detonating the summer consumption frenzy. The juice vending machine chooses the Cookeryaki brand, which only needs one square meter of floor space to operate and open!

Compared to the beverage shops that can be seen everywhere, the biggest advantage of the Cookeryaki juice vending machine is the real squeeze! Using high quality orange fruit, orange tree growth and flowering results and temperature, sunshine, moisture (humidity) ), soil, etc., environmental conditions are closely related, these conditions directly affect the appearance and taste of orange fruit.

In addition, the equipment has a small footprint and saves rent. The Cookeryaki Automatic Juice Vending Machine can be operated normally for 24 hours. The operator can control the machine as a whole with only one mobile APP. Whether there is orange, whether there is inspection, etc., install Cookeryaki juice. After the machine APP, you can master everything.


What are the advantages of the Cookeryaki juice vending machine?

One: The price of the juice vending machine is reasonable and the return on investment is high.

Two: Small size and more oranges, small footprint, suitable for a variety of places; venue rent is half of others.

Third: The automatic cup, children can buy in person, the customer experience is very good.

Four: Cookeryaki Orange Vending Machine sterilization cleaning, automatic cleaning, constant temperature preservation and refrigeration, do not make false publicity.

The Vending Machine Orange Juice can be placed in any position. It can be opened at the corner of the street, at the entrance of the school, inside and outside the supermarket, and next to the community. Of course, choose a cooperative merchant to take out the goods, which is also profitable. It can also be in commercial areas, leisure areas, shopping malls, The place where the playground and other places are placed and operated can be said to be flexible in investment and maneuverable.


Freshly Orange Juice Vending Machine


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