Cookeryaki is an OEM OEM of automatic ice cream vending machines. It is a new retail application solution service provider. It is committed to research and development of new retail and consumer upgraded sub-categories, shared devices for scene applications, vending machines, commercial robots, etc. Unmanned smart devices for businesses.

It is understood that Cookeryaki Technology has 5 years of research and development experience, more than 20 patents, equipment in more than 30 provinces and cities, the United States, Poland, Ukraine, the Philippines have Cookeyaki technology ice cream vending machine, can be said to be really out Country gate.

Asked the reason why the old customers chose the Cookeryaki soft ice cream vending machine. Almost everyone mentioned that there are few failures and they will not be able to move. It is very reassuring. It seems that the "just want to make the technology to the extreme" marked on the booth is not to talk about it.

The Cookeryaki's fully automatic ice cream maker is a very impressive speed in 15 seconds. It will be shortened to 7-10 seconds in the future. Three kinds of toppings of three kinds of jams can be used to match 59 flavors. The machine with such a powerful function only covers an area of ​​0.8 square meters. The appearance is very attractive to children and young people. WeChat Alipay payment is also very convenient and fast.

The Cookeryaki automatic ice cream maker is unattended and has a powerful background. Empty cup detection, missing cup missing material reminder, fault reminder can also be SMS notification. Multi-dimensional data statistical analysis.

We also noticed that the Cookeryaki ice cream vending machine has a second cup of half price, three cups to buy a cup of such a marketing campaign, according to the staff introduction can be freely set in the background, such marketing activities will attract a large number of consumers The membership system will also bring a large number of loyal fans. It is foreseeable that Cookeryaki's ice cream vending opportunities are very competitive.


Cookeryaki's soft ice cream vending machine features


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