Vending machines, from simply selling drinks to selling anything, a machine, is an unmanned shop, which solves the problem of increasing labor costs, and provides 24 hours for some places that are not convenient for shopping. The fixed point of the sale. In the most prosperous business sacred places, with countless daily traffic, automatic ice cream maker are gradually becoming part of the new business model and becoming part of people's lives.


What are the advantages of smart ice cream vending machines compared to traditional ice cream stores?

1. Fee

Traditional ice cream shop needs decoration, rent, franchise fee, equipment fee, etc. The rent of the general selected store address is also 1-2 million yuan per month, all of which cost 200,000-500,000 yuan, high cost, technical Strong.

Ice cream vending machine price less than 50,000 yuan for a machine, no need for renovation costs, staff salaries, no other equipment costs, the floor space is only 0.8m2, the rent is generally 500-3000 yuan (according to the point, one Different in the second and third tier cities), the personalized consumption experience is very popular among young people and is a good tool for drainage.

2. Placement area

The traditional ice cream store is a good place in the business district. The business district is full of gold. The monthly rent is about 20,000 yuan. Normally, most of the monthly turnover is used as a payment store. Where the flow of people is large, the floor space is too large and the rent is too expensive.

The automatic ice cream machine covers an area of ​​only 0.8m2 and the rent is several hundred to several thousand yuan. The key is to get the golden point that the traditional store can't reach. The key intersections of people's traffic channels, such as theaters, scenic spots, campuses, entertainment cities, food courts, commercial plazas, etc., are all golden spots that traditional stores can't match.

3. Personnel management and cost

A traditional ice cream store requires at least 2-5 employees. The monthly staff costs need 2-3 million yuan, and personnel training is needed. It is more troublesome to manage.

The intelligent soft ice cream vending machine only needs one mobile phone to operate in the background. One person can operate and maintain 5-10 devices at the same time (according to the distance of the point), which is very convenient and the work efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional stores.

4. Financial management

Traditional ice cream stores, raw materials, materials, utilities, etc., various expenses, cash income, cash accounts, personnel bookkeeping, reconciliation, etc., have increased the cost of financial management, and some poorly managed stores will have financial Loss.

Intelligent ice cream vending machine, only WeChat, Alipay online payment, fund management is very convenient, mobile phone to view sales data, equipment status, financial system, sales data analysis, all available, saving billing, reconciliation time, reduce Financial management costs.

5. Differentiated selling points and trends

Traditional ice cream stores have reached bottlenecks in innovation and marketing, and there is no more and better marketing to attract consumers.

The soft serve vending machine is a wave of unsold goods. It is the latest technology. It is in the new retail, no-selling market, attracting attention, attracting consumers' experience, and bringing a lot of traffic.



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