With the improvement of everyone's health awareness, more and more people choose natural beverages as daily drinks, and various juice machines are also springing up in shopping malls, communities, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other places. Freshly squeezed, nutritious and healthy have become hot spots for everyone. When choosing these freshly squeezed juices, in addition to the quality of the fruit itself, people will also pay attention to whether its juice extraction environment is qualified and hygienic!

Simply put, a juice vending machine, its working parts are like the tableware we eat, if the tableware is not clean, then healthy and fresh ingredients, will also be "dip" into a health hazard killer. So a delicious freshly squeezed orange juice requires not only fresh oranges, but also a hygienic and safe juicer.

Cookeryaki always believes that the safety of beverages is of the utmost importance, and that consumers are assured that drinking is the highest and most basic product design requirement. Therefore, at the beginning of our design, our juice robots have set all the design goals that are close to the user's initial needs (safety, nutrition, health, convenience).

The fresh juice vending machine comes from the Swiss SGS food safety test, which not only meets the Chinese food safety standards, but also meets the European food safety standards, and all parts of the equipment are in contact with the juice. For example, juice extraction modules, peeling modules, cleaning modules, filters, etc., we have done food safety testing, in the safety and health testing, we have achieved the most strict testing standards in the industry, the most comprehensive category.

The main extrusion module of Cookeryaki juice vending machine adopts the international spiral type slow pressure technology (the same food grade plastic and steel structural materials used by household juicers such as Philips), which will not damage the surface of the material and will not damage the fruit. Nutritional ingredients and pulp fibers. Improve design from the source, break through innovation, establish a safe and effective health barrier for healthy juice, and provide healthy and safe juice for every consumer.

The Cookeryaki juice vending machine uses a household-style assembled juicer module, which is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble. It adopts artificial intelligence robot technology and abandons the traditional bulky patchwork technology, which makes the juice extraction process seamless and beautiful. And with the removal and washing, cleaning is very simple and fast.

The Cookeryaki juice vending machine uses a unique peeling and juicing technology to completely solve pesticide residues and hygiene problems. A healthy life cannot be ambiguous.

Cookeryaki juice vending machines are available in fresh lighting, ozone disinfection, and low temperature refrigeration. Low temperature refrigeration, regular high temperature cleaning and disinfection to ensure cleanliness throughout the juice extraction environment.

The fruits of the Cookeryaki juice vending machine are placed independently to avoid mutual squeezing or contact infection, so that the fruit stays healthy and fresh in a cool and clean environment, waiting for the consumer's health call.

Dare to be exposed to the consumer's inspection in the field of vision, in order to be truly convincing, panoramic visualization of the Cookeryaki juice vending machine. Actively attract everyone's "supervision" between elegance and Q Meng.

Wisdom lights a bright future, technology creates a better life, is the belief that Cookeryaki Technology is pursuing, fresh juice self-service vending machines, please look for Cookeryaki!


automatic juice vending machine check before operations


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