Fresh Healthy Vending is a pioneer in the vending industry, paving the way to healthier drinking and living by offering convenient, affordable and healthy fresh squeezed orange juice.

Cookeryaki Orange juice vending machine has been spread all over the world and attracts more customers for fashion health life style.





What we bring to public ?

With our innovative machine, bringa cup of pure, healthy beverage choice for your breakfast and life. At a very convenient place, on you way to work or shopping at weekend you can have afresh juice anytime, anywhere.


How to running this buiness?

Our usual business model consists to appoint a partner who will purchase and run a network of our machines in the best locations in town. The minimum amount of machines that we repute opportune and business feasible for the start-up is a batch of 10-12 units or 22-24 units which will better compensate the initial investment required for the operation such as orange storage cold room, refrigerated van, sales and technical team, marketing activities and similar.


Our Mission

With today's healthy demands, Cookeryaki has specialized in the R &Dand production of fresh orange juice vending machine since 2010, product quality and user experience are always been put in the first place. After years of consolidation, optimization and the marketing test, Cookeryaki factory has updated to the latest new technics.


 Cookeryaki Fresh Healthy Juice Vending Machine


If possible, kindly suggest please your detailed product requirements, purchase quantity and delivery port or address etc. Given detailed request helps to gain better-matched customized solution. Thanks for your patience.

Your request will be responsed within 24 hours, kindly pay attention to your email please.

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