Shanghai Cookeryaki Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional organization specializing in the research and development of freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines. Combining European natural, healthy and fashionable orange consumption concept, it has independently developed a smart juice vending machine based on the Internet of Things. The terminal passer is intelligently and securely manages all servers, and integrates fully enclosed automatic operation, full-process health protection and self-service cash register management to realize the great change of fresh orange from the direct consumption of the orchard to promote the consumption of fresh orange.


The orange juice vending machines features are as follows:


The terminal can self-complete the integrated process of peeling, juicing, cupping and capping, intelligently equalize the weight of each cup of orange juice; all terminals are monitored and managed in real time by the fully intelligent remote management system.


The terminal juicer adopts DuPont antibacterial liner, super-oxygen sterilization in the warehouse, constant temperature 5 °C, to ensure that the orange fruit is fresh; the juice is usually squeezed from 5-6 fresh orange, no water and sugar, no additives, 100% all natural.


A series of steps of juicing, filling and closing are automatically completed in the sealed warehouse, which is safe and hygienic. The cup is automatically inductive sliding door with anti-pinch function; the body is double-leak-proof and reaches the country. safety standard.


Consumers can purchase through Coin, Alipay and WeChat, and enjoy the freshly squeezed orange juice in about 45 seconds after the payment is completed.


The new consumption experience of fresh orange makes drinking orange juice more convenient; the terminal body and cup are very design, and are loved by urban fashion and healthy people.


Fresh Pressed Orange Juice Vending Machine


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