Auto Juice Machine FAQ List

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

yes, with your logo provided, we offer free labeling on the juice machine.

we accept customization, we supply paper cup, plastic straw and lid regularly. 

I can give you my best price considering the leading quality we produce.

We offer full package of after sales service, like on-site support. YES, if it's under ONE YEAR warranty and its quality problem, we ship a new one covering the shipping cost.

our machine support auto cleaning, simple control remotely on your phone App.

so far, we have sold over 200 machines overseas, 40 sets to USA. I can send you full report to your email.

yes, according to our USA customer feedback, only 4 to 5 months required, you can take the full cost of machine purchase cost back.

by download our App on your phone or computer, you can manage multiple at once.

250 ML or 350 ML 

we support coins, paper bills, Credit and debit card.

yes, we have been sold over 40 sets of juice vending machine to USA this year so far.

average 2-3 oranges needed for making one cup of juice.  we use traditional juice yield method, cutting juice into 2 pieces then squeeze.

70 KG, can make 60 cups in total.

it can make pears, citrus and pomegranate, our latest sugar cane juice machine will in market this Nov. too.

Since American market takes 20% of our overseas markets. Profit and investment return per juice vending machine of USA market data shows as below:

Item Description
cups sold per day 30 cups
selling price per cup 5 dollars
Profit per cup 2 dollars
Investment return period per machine 3.5 month

Below picture on our website shows all models of machines we have -- link:

Mini model: full load -- 30 KG oranges can make 50 cups of juice (250 ml);

other models: full load -- 60 KG oranges can make 60 cups of juice (350 ml).

Yes, our machine uses Nayax card reader, which produced by Israel. and it can recognize fake money and reject it. Below picture shows payment methods our machine support. (different payment configuration at different cost)

We have been exported products to Israel before, no special approval required. We will act in concert with your requirements on Custom issues. 

Yes, but need cover, see outdoor case (park and community) pictures below:

Generally 6~8 years no problem. There are still a lot of machines produced in 2014 in good operating condition.  Any accessories broken, such as sensor motor, replace it then done.

As long as the mechanical structure is intact, the outer casing does not rust, and in theory it can be used all the time.

Yes, our machine supports real time monitor via mobile.

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