The first principle of the ice cream vending machine in the location of the operation site is the convenience. It is necessary to be as close as possible to the consumer and push the service range to within 100 meters.

1. Choose a location with strong closure and lack of retail services around.

For example: shopping mall rest area, convention center, administrative hall, university comprehensive building, net red food street, children's entertainment venue, cinema, gym, KTV, shopping mall, shopping mall rest area, car dealership, tourist scenic spot, hot spring resort, zoo and botanical garden, exhibition Pavilions, museums, cooperative hotels, office buildings, airport terminals, canteens, stations, etc.


2. Choose a location with high traffic volume and high cost performance.

Such as the net red food street, large commercial super, zoology and botanical gardens, etc. are all crowded, children and young consumers concentrated point, more suitable for soft serve ice cream vending machine; like airport / station / school, etc., the difficulty of its entry Larger, need good network resources, rent or profit sharing may also be relatively high, so before you cut in, it is best to conduct research, rational analysis: average person flow, profit and occupancy costs, and finally measure points Putting cost performance.


3. Select the location with high quality of the crowd

In addition to considering the number of people, it is also necessary to consider the quality of the population. Be aware that some places, although many people, are not necessarily suitable for delivery.

For example, in the train station, it is better to be in the waiting area than near the platform. People in the waiting room can slowly enjoy a cup of fresh milk ice cream, and the people next to the platform are rushing to the bus, which is not suitable.


4, choose a good synergy point

In the point setting process, you can choose to be next to other vending machines that retail different goods, and combined retail can promote synergy. When operators choose sites, they also need to consider the density of competing products, and try to avoid setting the points in areas where the competitive product density is too high.


5, the field experience to confirm the effect of the point

When selecting the placement of the points and placing the goods into the machine, the operator must first experience the feeling of being a customer. Field confirmation of the angle of view of the customer when passing through the ice cream vending machine.

The Cookeryaki automatic ice cream maker can be moved flexibly, paying attention to detail adjustments for optimal display.


6, use data to optimize operational results

Automatic ice cream maker operations generate large amounts of sales data every day, such as sales time/payment portals/user taste preferences. It also requires replenishment, maintenance monitoring, and user data collection, but with the help of the Internet, these things have become very easy, especially when you are paired with a suitable operating platform, you will feel saved and save money.

Take the Cookeryaki automatic ice cream machine as an example, apply SAAS powerful cloud background, daily water, income statistics one-click statistics, at a glance. Missing cups, lack of material, falling cup detection, empty cup detection, fault intelligent reminder, real-time tracking of machine conditions, easy to make money.


7. Make good use of other income channels

Video is the most vivid form of advertising display, customized playback program, taking the Cookeryaki soft serve ice cream vending machine as an example, the 24-inch advertising playback screen provides the best advertising platform for merchants. In the target market of ice cream vending machines, resources are integrated into advertising revenue. For example, in schools, it is more suitable for beverage manufacturers to promote advertising, in the residential community for education, life-like advertising, etc., in different markets to integrate different manufacturers that need to advertise, in order to benefit more. In terms of material handling fees, it is also possible to negotiate fees with suppliers and to obtain the cost of the material.


Where can I place an ice cream vending machine?


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