The following table shows the product introduction of the Cookeryaki series of juice vending machines, including their similarities and differences.


  shoppingMall-III Juice Vending Machine ShoppingMall Juice Vending Machine ShoppingMall IV Pro Juice Vending Machine
Size (m) 1.4 (w) *0.86 (d) *2.01 (h) 1.28 (w) *0.86(d) *2.01 (h) 1.15 (w) *0.86 (d) *2.01 (h)
Weight (KG) 400 350 330
Screen 19-inch touch screen 21.5-inch touch screen 15.6-inch touch screen
Fruit type oranges, pears ,citrus and pomegranate
Full load of pallet (KG) 60KG+25KG(Refrigera ted spare storage box) 60KG
Cup size Outer diameter 90mm paper cup
Filter fruit orange (including flesh) and pure orange juice (excluding flesh)
Juice Measurement "liquid level mode" (ensure the capacity of each cup of juice constant) and "count" mode
Juice Package heat sealing type or cap cover type cap cover type
Straw part Electrcal control straw box
payment mode Standard banknote cash reciever and coin hooper, support Alipay, WeChat payment; optional: banknote changer, coin receiver. Support most European and North American national credit cards and some Asian, Australian and African credit card payments.
Networking part 4G router
Cooling system Back mounted Right Side-mounted
Production speed Produce 3 Cup about 170S Produce 3 Cup about 100S
AutoClean system No Yes
Garbage storage system No Yes
Device Management Real-time monitoring of sales data and status through Cookeryaki APP (supporting IPhone and Android system), device failure and warning information is pushed to the administrator APP in real time
Power supply and consumption AC220V/AC110V power supply, average power 300W, peak power 1500W


 Cookeryaki Series Of Juice Vending Machine


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