In the orange season of the year, there is also a long queue in front of the automatic orange juice vending machine that is stationed in various public places. The oranges are not only sweet, but also contain a variety of vitamins to supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. element. However, there is a difference between oranges and oranges. A high-quality orange, whether it is vitamin content or taste is much higher than the average orange, so how to choose high-quality oranges.


First, the color of the orange skin

According to the experience of people who often buy oranges, the taste of oranges and the amount of vitamins contained are directly proportional to the color of the appearance, indicating that there is sufficient sunlight during the growth period.

Second, the orange skin softness

Generally speaking, if the orange is not ripe, then the taste will be worse. How to judge it? You can squeeze the orange peel by hand. The unripe oranges will have a very hard feeling. It is best to choose oranges that are not hard and not too soft.

Third, feel the weight of oranges

Many people who buy oranges often choose oranges that are heavier when they choose oranges. If an orange is heavy, it means that the oranges are full of juice and fresh oranges.

Fourth, identify inferior oranges

Some merchants will dye the surface of the orange in order to make their oranges look bright. How to distinguish them? When you buy, wipe the surface of the orange peel with a paper towel several times, and use a little force. If the surface of the orange has obvious color change, it means Dyed.


Orange also has a cosmetic effect, which can replenish skin moisture and remove dead skin cells, helping to keep skin moisturized, soft and firm in the dry season. Cookeryaki's orange juice vending machine, self-operated orange garden, selects the finest quality oranges to satisfy consumers' demand for healthy, green, non-polluting and non-added fresh juice.


oranges of the automatic orange juice vending machine


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