Product Cookeryaki Freshly squeezed sugar cane juice vending machine
Equipment size (m) 1.28 (width) * 1.07 (deepth) * 2.01 (height)
Weight (KG) 380
display screen 21.5 inch LCD touch screen
Freshly squeezed fruit variety sugar cane
Juicer unit The jucing process is completely visible and expressive; the four-axis structure is strong   and durable, and the juice yield is high.No not-easy cleaned space.
Loading unit Intelligent loading pallet, the large capacity for sugarcane(can be loaded with about 120   sugar cane, about 50cm length), anti-jams, and controllable automatic loading unit.
Falling cup unit Automatic cup dropper for 90mm outer diameter paper cup.
Pomace filter unit Patented bagasse filtration system, 304 stainless steel filter element, thorough filtration,   automatic slagging, self-cleaning and anti-clogging.
Metering unit Support "liquid level" mode(to ensure constant volume of juice per cup) and "count"   mode
Canned unit The juice is automatically canned and capped.
Straw unit Program controlled suction box
Collection unit Standard banknote reciever and coin changer, optional coin receiver and banknote   changer; support for mainstream cashless payments such as Alipay WeChat; support   credit card and applepay in most European, North American, some Asian, Australian and   African countries. Can be customized for third party payments.Automatic original refund   in case of failure
Computer unit Highly reliable, high performance, low power industrial computer (IPC) as the control   core
Networked component Use 4G wireless router, access the Internet, upload vending machine data in real time
Refrigeration unit High-performance air conditioning refrigeration system, temperature adjustable (zero to   room temperature), super power saving; using glass for preventing fogging ensure clear   observation.
APP management software Real-time monitoring of vending machine sales data and device status through   Cookeryakile APP (supporting IPhone and Android system), failure and warning message is   pushed to the administrator APP in real time
Exterior Beautiful appearance, Stainless steel chassis to prevent rust
powered by AC 220V/10A socket (must be grounded well)
Power consumption Average power consumption 300W / peak power consumption 1500W
  • Pressing, cleaning and filtering integrated unit

    1. Transparent press, high-strength four-axis structure, strong and durable, thorough pressing, high juice yield. easy to wash, no not-easy cleaned space.

    2. Bagasse filtration system (our own patent), 304 stainless steel filter element, complete filtration, automatic slag removal, automatic cleaning and anti blocking.

    3. Software-controlled automated cleaning unit for juicing part, filter and diversion trough, to make sure the parts that come into contact with the juice are always clean.

  • Sugar cane intelligent loading unit

    1. Kangguole uses lots of advanced technologies to ensure the large capacity of sugarcane pallets (can be loaded with about 120 sugar cane, about 50cm length), anti-jams, and controllable automatic loading unit.

    2. The sugar cane loading unit is compact, reliable and effective, and is the core component to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the vending machine. 。Pressing, cleaning and filtering integrated unit

  • Juice cup and cover lid unit

    1. The classic unit of Kangguo vending machine , it is widely used in freshly squeezed orange juice , sugar cane juice vending machines. The components are reliable, stable and trouble-free operation, and maintenance-free.

    2. Relying on this unit can realize the parallel operation of cupping and juicing, shortening the production time.

    3. 120 sets of cups and lids can be loaded at one time.

    4. Supports KangGuo special straw (installed on the lid) and standard straight straws (outer plastic film, placed in the straw box).

Cookeryaki specializes in the development and manufacture of specialty vending machines. The current main products are: fresh orange juice vending machines, sugarcane vending machines, ice cream vending machines and coffee vending machines. Still continue to innovate.Since June 2014, more than 3,000 sets of VMs have entered the market. The products are distributed in more than 70 towns in China. They are sold in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Bolivia, Mexico. By the end of March 2019, there were more than 200 orange juice vending machines overseas.


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