As soon as the summer solstice passes, the summer atmosphere becomes more and more intense. The temperature is gradually rising, the sun is becoming more and more toxic, sunscreen whitening, supplementation of vitamin C, is an indispensable way of health in the summer.

Supplemental dimension C, of ​​course, preferred orange. According to statistics: an average of 100 grams of orange meat containing 30-60 mg of vitamin C, more than 60 mg of flavonoids and 17 kinds of carotene, etc., not only help the body to rejuvenate, but also improve human immunity. According to a research institute in the United States, drinking three glasses of orange juice a day can also increase the body's high-quality cholesterol (ie, high-density lipoprotein) to reduce the risk of heart disease.


In addition to the delicious taste of orange juice, it is a well-deserved healthy drink. Every delicious orange juice is inseparable from the excellent oranges. How is the Cookeryaki orange juice vending machine selected for orange?

The fresh oranges used in the Cookeryaki orange juice vending machine are sourced from the world's best quality, most productive large orange planting base. At the same time, in the early stage of purchasing oranges, the planting environment will be investigated, quality selection, uninterrupted supply throughout the year, and high-quality freshly squeezed orange juice will be provided throughout the year. This summer, after a series of selections, I finally chose the best orange juice.

The Egyptian orange comes from the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. Every year the floods recede, and the volcanic mud washed up by the upper reaches forms fertile land on the riverbed, providing a lot of nutrients to the crops. Egyptian oranges do not need to be intensively cultivated, and naturally grow with the natural nutrition and fruitiness of the fruit.



What is the heart of such an exciting orange?

Growth conditions

Egypt has a tropical desert climate with high temperatures and abundant sunshine in summer, providing good natural conditions for the growth of oranges. Egyptian orange is known throughout the world for its high sugar content, thick flesh and great taste.

Sweet first love

Egyptian orange peel is tender and tender, full of round, bright orange appearance and flesh, is the product of ample sunshine kiss. The flesh is delicate and lubricated, and the sweetness is bursting. Everything is just right. The entrance is full of juice and the lips are orange.

Nutritional perfect score

Egyptian orange is rich in vitamin C and a variety of nutrients, can enhance the body's resistance, and can also remove fat-soluble harmful substances. It is a thirst-quenching, digestive, and comprehensive nutrition. It also satisfies the taste buds while also enriching the nutrition. Golden color, full and even head, each one is sunny orange!

And Egyptian orange contains natural sugar, which is the best choice to replace sweets, cakes, cookies and other desserts. Those who are sweet and want to lose weight can eat oranges to satisfy the desire for sweets. In addition, oranges are rich in fiber, and more food helps to defecate. Can reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. The beautiful lady is drinking orange juice every day. It is delicious and more healthy, more delicious, and a cup of sweet and delicious orange juice can easily drink high value.


The Cookeryaki orange juice vending machine uses Egyptian orange juice, precisely because it is thin and juicy, and the edible rate of pulp is as high as 85%! How can such a sweet and delicious freshly squeezed orange juice not be popular with the public!

Healthy and delicious is never a godsend, but a visible heart and persistence. The Cookeryaki fresh orange juice vending machine always insists on bringing you healthy and delicious orange juice!


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