Investment, such as life, has joys and sorrows, and there are ups and downs. Choose a high-quality small-scale entrepreneurial project that meets the pulse of the market economy and can earn wealth by taking advantage of the trend. The Cookeryaki freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine uses a new technology of “whole fruit extraction”, retaining the flesh fiber of fresh orange, and placing various shopping malls and attractions on the market, allowing investors to earn more than they can.


Easy investment, considerable profits

You don't need storefront decoration, labor, and management fees, you only need to consider the point rent and material costs. Operating costs are stable and the cost is low. Orange juice is a popular drink on the market and is sold at market prices. The profit of Automatic Juice Vending Machine is very high.


Easy operation, free time

The freshly squeezed orange juice machine can sell the orange juice of each cup of the terminal at the time, place, price, and the sales of orange juice per device per month. The operation of the equipment, temperature, humidity, orange amount and cup lid are normal every moment. Whether the device is running normally, as long as an APP, you can control "all", and even remotely control the device. It takes only half an hour to manage every other day. Operation is simple and easy, the most important thing is freedom of time!


Perfect after-sales service (for domestic customers):

1. The company will arrange special personnel to go to the customer's operation point for assistance in installation guidance and training, and guide the daily operation of various links (plus orange, cleaning, etc.) and emergency handling and resolution of simple fault problems;

2. In addition to man-made damage during the warranty period, any parts and components will be directly provided for free replacement, 0 yuan after sale, the only industry;

3. The individual can not handle the after-sales problem, the company arranges a special person to assist in handling.


self-made freshly squeezed orange juice machine


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